DEMOX is a group of people who are passionate about the human eye and related medical issues.  

About Us

DEMOX sp. z o.o. was established in 2020 as a result of the work conducted by Dr. Piotr Kleina-Schmidt and Łukasz Polak on a solution for non-invasive diagnosis of the presence of an eye parasite called Demodex.

A simple
diagnostic test

Since its inception, DEMOX has been focused on introducing simple, non-invasive, and highly effective tests to global markets, aiming to confirm or exclude the symptoms of Demodex presence on the patient’s eyelid and thus simplify and shorten the diagnostic process of this condition.


Dr. Piotr Kleina-Schmidt is the project initiator and is responsible for the
research area.

He graduated from the Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznan in 1997 and completed his specialization in ophthalmology in 2007. From 2001 to 2011, he served as an Assistant at the Department and Clinic of Ophthalmology at the Clinical Hospital of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Poznan. 

Since 2010, he has been Deputy Spokesperson for Professional Responsibility at the Greater Poland Chamber of Physicians in Poznan. He also runs a private practice at NZOZ Euromed. Dr. Kleina-Schmidt is a co-author of the current recommendations of the Polish Ophthalmological Society regarding the treatment of Demodex spp. He is an authority in the field of Demodex treatment and has authored numerous scientific papers and articles on the subject.

Łukasz Polak is a co-founder and the President of the Board.

He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Canadian International Management. As part of the project, he is responsible for creating, implementing, and monitoring the short- and long-term strategies of the company, including sales, financial, marketing, and development strategies for both the emerging service and additional services. He oversees project management, the creation of the target business model for the service within the project, and the implementation and monetization of the service.

Over his 25-year professional career, he has had the opportunity to experience various aspects of business operations. For the past 15 years, he has been involved in creating and managing project and sales teams, as well as managing companies. He has built from scratch and developed two consulting firms that are successful in the market to this day. He is also an active investor seeking solutions in the MED. TECH field.

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