Demodex mite

Demodex mites belong to the group of mites (Acari), which is a vast and incredibly diverse group of arachnids

The Demodex mite may seem small, as its length typically reaches about 0.3 mm, but considering that it prefers to settle in the vicinity of the eyelid margins and its presence can cause changes even within the sebaceous glands, it becomes a serious threat to the human visual organ.

Did you know

The incidence of Demodex in humans increases with age.


The Demodex mite is not a newly discovered parasite, but it has still not been fully understood by the medical world. The characteristic symptoms of a Demodex infestation are diverse, the most commonly indicated are:

dry eye syndrome
feeling of a foreign body in the eye

eye burning
easily falling out eyelashes

Current diagnosis of Demodex

Currently, the diagnosis of Demodex mites relies on visual examination performed by an ophthalmologist, as well as the collection of a few eyelashes from both eyes of the patient, followed by microscopic examination. In response to the need for more effective and less invasive Demodex diagnostics, the company Demox was established.

Demox scan

The accuracy of Demox Scan is 97-98% and test only takes 3-5 minutes.


The innovativeness of our solutions


Our developed solutions are the world’s first tests that easily, effectively, and painlessly detect symptoms of Demodex mite presence on the eyelids and eyelashes of patients.

High diagnostic effectiveness
Wide accessibility
Above all, ease of use


Currently, there is no directly competitive product on the market comparable to Demox tests. Introducing them to international markets will be a groundbreaking moment in terms of effectively treating eye conditions caused by the presence of Demodex mites.

Our goal

At DEMOX, our primary goal is to provide ophthalmologists, primary care physicians, optometrists, opticians, and dermatologists with ready-to-use solutions that allow for accurate, fast, and non-invasive diagnosis of eye diseases.


What is our test?​

Our tests have
the following features

Does not require pulling out eyelashes, does not risk damaging the eyelid margins or eyeball. This has a significant aesthetic impact on a very large group of potential patients – women. The main clinical change caused by the Demodex mite at the eyelid margins is Meibomian gland dysfunction. This condition is significantly more common in women. The presence of artificial eyelashes excludes this group from being examined.

The entire eyelid margin with all eyelashes will be examined. Improving the reliability of diagnostic testing will open up many new research opportunities in the field of ocular surface diseases.

Reduces the examination time to the necessary minimum. This will encourage doctors to perform this diagnostic examination more frequently as what doctors lack the most is time. The well-known shortage of specialists and the limited availability of their services means that any procedures extending their working time are undesirable.

Technically simple to carry out and the result is easy to interpret. The most difficult in terms of merit and requiring experience is the process of evaluating the preparation under a microscope. There are no courses for doctors in this area during ophthalmology studies, during the five-year specialization, or in the form of professional development after specialization relating to microscopic diagnostics of Demodex mites. An easy-to-interpret test will completely change this.

Does not require additional equipment in the office

and provides the opportunity to expand the offer for patients to new medical areas, which will make its use more attractive to ophthalmologists and ultimately increase profits for doctors.

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